This is one of this first pieces of art I created. Well, since I became serious about it. It’s from a photo of my grandmother. The story is that she was dressed up for a school show. I really wish I had known about this photo while she was still alive because I imagine the story has a bit more to it. My grandmother had an amazingly witty, if dry, sense of humor and I think she would have loved my art. Her old photos were the inspiration for many of my earlier pieces so I owe her for that. And her smart-ass way of looking at the world. I remember being a teenager and complaining one night about doing the dishes. I hated it because it was always my job no matter how much I begged my mother to switch it with another chore. Well, my grandmother was over for dinner one night and as I was begrudgingly doing the dishes, she quietly said, “If you have to wash the dishes and you drop one on the floor, maybe they won’t make you wash the dishes anymore.”

Just for the record, when I went to college, they bought a dishwasher.

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